A market leader in bespoke Enclosure Solutions  

Operating since 2008 GTT Europe Limited has grown to become a leader in 'Carrier Grade' bespoke enclosure solutions within the IOT & M2M sectors

What makes us unique is not having the, 'one size fits all' approach offered by traditional enclosure suppliers, but understanding your specific application demands better and supporting you, where required, through each stage of the product development cycle. Working in this way with many technology companies across the world allows our engineering team to understand the diversity of M2M and IoT applications in depth, and appropriately support you from your concept-of-approval through to cost-engineered mass production solutions through the whole product life cycle.

With our mSmart-Box® enclosure solutions we are able to provide a reliable IP67, EN60950-22-Ready, modular concept-of-approval prototype specifically tailored to your needs within days of initial contact. We are delighted to have supported many leading technology companies across the world cutting development times by more than 50%.

Through our HQ in the UK and wider global ecosystem we are able to support your project development from the first concept of approval through to mass production, whilst guaranteeing the integrity of the IP67 performance along the way.