Agricultural Wireless Grain Store Monitoring

Monitor and Manage is the UK market leader in agricultural wireless grain store monitoring and control services

Richard Johnson discusses how GTT have helped provide a fully configured IP67-rated robust outdoor solution for the Monitor & Manage Gateway in this application.

“We provide wireless grain monitoring and fan control solutions to customers around the UK and in Ireland. The main part of our job is to help look after crops that have been harvested. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the type of equipment to work in those environments, it is harsh, it’s not an environment where products transfer easily from other industries and part of that process was looking at our enclosure for our main gateway unit.

We selected the GTT enclosure solution for its robustness and their flexibility as a company to work with us to get a product which really fitted in this environment. On remote sites the kit just has to work and certainly the GTT enclosure has given us no problems. When looking at our solution particularly for our gateway and our mobile technology piece, speed to market was really important. But working with GTT, using their experience and integrating our equipment into the correct enclosures for these environments really meant we were able to get to market quicker than we expected and that’s made a difference for us”