NYC Wireless Network Coverage for the Emergency Services

One of the most advanced mobile broadband deployments in the government sector today, is the New York City’s Wireless Network known as NYCWN. Lamech Mujegu, General Dynamics Broadband

Lamech Mujegu discusses the partnership with GTT and specifically how the fully configured IP67-rated GTT enclosures form the platform for the outdoor solutions deployed on the NYCWN

“The AC enclosure from GTT allowed us to short-cut our time to market (which otherwise would have taken us 18 months to 2 years to complete).

It has been an absolute pleasure for me working with GTT because they compliment our short-fall in skills and provide me with a whole RF/mechanical Integration team in a short-cut route. GTT understand all our technology and our needs and provide solutions across a number of our projects to integrate our technology into the mechanical world”