Environmental Policy

High business ethics, our company values and the people we employ drive GTT’s corporate responsibility

We take this responsibility very seriously not only for our shareholders, customers, and employees but also for the communities within which we live. GTT is committed to incorporating responsibly in all of its activities be it economic, social or environmental.

We will demonstrate to customers and all other interested parties the Company’s commitment to protecting the environment by setting objectives that meet their expectations and with an obligation to continually review and improve our business processes and Environmental Management System.

GTT is committed to complying with all relevant legal and other agreed obligations and to managing sustainable growth through efficient use of resources and through the prevention of pollution. We will encourage our staff, suppliers, customers and all interested parties to operate in a culture that strives for high standards in all organisational processes that potentially impact on the environment.

The Environmental Policy is reviewed for continuing suitability at every Management Review Meeting and is communicated to all staff and is made available to all interested parties.