mSmart-Box® outside - protecting your electronics inside  

Eliminate mechanical design challenges with our complete integration solution

From a technical brief to a complete mechanical design on-line in minutes. A fully assembled product delivered to you in days. Accelerate your market entry, beat the competition, increase market share and improve cash flow.

Eliminate mechanical design integration frustration and problems. Physically compatible components from one supplier including power, data communications and monitoring.

AVOID the STRESS and ENGINEERING TIME spent on sourcing and integration issues:

  • Finding & dealing with multiple product suppliers

  • Validating the specification of each component to assess whether they will integrate effectively

  • Re-engineering and re-working an 'off-the-shelf' enclosure to achieve an effective configuration

  • Finding that the chosen configuration doesn’t work in practice

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IP67 Guaranteed

Our carrier-grade outdoor enclosure solutions has been developed over many years from our initial concept design in 2003. We have continuously improved our product design to give you the best, modular, “Carrier Grade” die cast aluminium enclosure in the world. Throughout this development stage we have designed and manufactured only the most suitable UL certified components and put them through rigorous testing to ensure their continued performance out in the field. Every assembled enclosure is 100% leak tested and fully traceable to point of assembly.

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EN60950-22 Ready 

  Our modular solutions have been designed to be EN60950-22 READY; meaning that you will never have to endure the long and arduous process of carefully sourcing and integrating components which individually meet the U/L (F1) standard. Imagine the ease of selecting a complete solution which is already EN60950-22 ready and the time this could save your organisation

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Inside the mSmart-Box® - connecting you reliably to the world

Our comprehensive range of enclosure solutions will provide a suitable fit for your electronics. Our customers around the world range from design companies to global players in IOT, Satellite Communication and M2M sectors. Whatever your specific I/O requirements might be, we can provide a solution and we stock a comprehensive range of outdoor quality interfaces in depth to ensure we never fail to delight.

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Personal Technical Support

Our engineering sales team can discuss your exact requirements providing you with access to our European-based assembly line for quick production time for small batches.

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Engineering Design Capability

Our engineering service extends to design and development of non-standard interfaces for a pre-agreed NRE fee.