Monitoring the condition of railway lines in hot and dusty remo te locations

Leveraging form our experience in the rail industry, TLC has developed a solution to help prevent disastrous and expensive train derailments in hot, harsh, remote areas.

The installation environment made this a very challenging engineering project. As well as the heat and dust the equipment needed to be located as high as possible to reduce the risk of vandalism, but this positioned the equipment near very high voltage lines. This engaged a lot of engineering resource and time ... until we were introduced to GTT by our local partner in South Africa, Electrocomp.

GTT were able to provide the ideal solution through fully configured IP67 Industrial enclosures. It was a pleasure to understand that GTT were not just another 'me-too' enclosure supplier. GTT understood our installation problems and were able to support the fully sealed I/O and RF Interface requirements and developed a bespoke isolation solution for the RF requirements.

After selecting the Cinterion TC63i Wireless GSM module through recommendation from GTT and Electrocomp, it was a final pleasure to understand that GTT provided a specially designed PCB mounting solution for the Cinterion module. It has been a pleasure to work with GTT and Electrocomp on this project (reducing our time to market) and we are already working together on Hardware Integration solutions on other new Industrial projects" says Marcel van Zijl, TLC.