Vehicle Tracking  

Vehicle tracking monitoring hardware - resisting dust ingress and high temperatures

GTT have worked very closely with Teletrac over the last 4-5 years and have become a solid partner for a variety of projects. GTT support Teletrac from providing a mechanical solution to securely integrate our wireless module to the PCB through to design, tooling and manufacturing our plastic housing for our vehicle tracking hardware .

Recently there has been a lot of co-operation development with our engineers in the US to ensure our external GSM/GPS antenna is developed to be suitable for our application environments. The antenna supports IP67 levels of protection from water and dust ingress and has been improved to work well in high temperatures experienced inside vehicles travelling through challengingly hot US environments.

GTT have not only worked very closely on Technical Development with Teletrac, but also the supply chain. GTT have ensured that our tight deadlines have been supported and also offered some positive cost-of ownership solutions along the way. It has been a pleasure to work with GTT as a partner across all areas of product development and supply chain and we hope this partnership will continue for years to come" says Tracking and Tracing : Dan Mee, Teletrac.