GTT IP67 enclosures for electronics Enclosure Prototype in 5 days

From R&D to OEM - a great deal for your electronics

From R&D to OEM - a great deal for your electronics

GTT Europe supports your businesses journey with enclosures for prototype electronics through to full production.

Our business is designed to help the R&D department take prototype electronics into the test environment with a robust cost effective 1 off enclosure solution. We are also setup to produce higher volumes for full production. 

We normally start by providing one of our standard msmart-box, and then work closely with clients to produce the exact enclosure specification the require. Whatever is best for you.

Our European office has the capability to configure exactly what you need and support production volumes from initial concept to mass production meaning you don't have to look elsewhere throughout your product life cycle. Imagine transitioning from concept-of-approval through to mass production with the same partner. Our higher-capacity capability in Asia will enable you to do just this … 1pc to 1000's pcs consistently, cost effectively and seamlessly.

Engineering Design Production Mass production

Engineering Verification Testing (EVT)

A major challenge faced by engineering designers around the world is how to transition a concept design into a functional working product quickly

Engineering Validation Testing

This can be an immensely time consuming exercise that can run into thousands of dollars and months of engineering time. GTT helps you significantly reduce time and cost in this process. Our online configuration tool facilitates designing a production-ready prototype for outdoor IoT and M2M applications in only 10-15 minutes. GTT can then build your prototype design and dispatch this within 5 days. The GTT end-to-end design-to-prototype process is only 5 days with a minimal investment of your time … no more than 15 minutes!

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Design Verification Testing (DVT)

Design Verification Testing is an intensive testing program that delivers objective, comprehensive testing verification of all product specifications and interface standards in the environment in which the application is intended

Design Verification Testing    

This activity would normally be carried out by your design team and include the list of testing below …

The GTT outdoor enclosure solutions have been independently tested for IP67 and are EN-60950-22 ready providing you with the confidence in your DVT testing saving you time and money and ensuring your engineers focus their time on what they are good at!

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Production Verification Testing (PVT)

Moving successfully through to the mass production phase of a product development cycle brings new challenges in terms of maintaining product fit, form and function whilst delivering on lower cost

Production validation testing

 GTT can help you further at this product development phase with smart cost-engineered proposals that will deliver a commercially successful mass production phase through a collaborative approach

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Mass Production

Transitioning from small to large volumes in the mass production phase of product development requires a great deal of confidence

Global Mass Production

GTT have a track record of delivering consistent quality from our ISO14000 and ISO19001 facility and have an unquestionable track record with some of the major pioneers in IoT and M2M sectors. Having the facility to build in excess of 1000 carrier-grade-quality units per day you can be confident that we can deliver on your mass production requirements. GTT can grow with you from concept of approval through to mass production providing one partner to work with you throughout your project life cycle

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Standards & Approvals
EN60950-22 Ready

Designed to meet UL-60950-1 2nd Edition (UL 60950-22 / EN65950-22
Accredited EN60950-22

Treated IP67 certified
Sur Tec 650 - Tri-Chrome Passivation of Aluminium
SurTec 650 – Tri-Chrome Passivation of Aluminum


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